For those of you who want to be a real estate professional, this book is a must read.

Having  a 50-year career in residential brokerage with more than 2,000 transactions under her belt, June Rosenthal enjoyed numerous real estate experiences which she now shares with you. 

Stories, lessons and a wealth of insight are provided within these pages.

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“Informative and entertaining. A must read for any real estate agent who is serious about maximizing their success and becoming a true professional. A quick read you will not want to end.”

~ Paul Breunich, CEO

This book should be required reading for all interested in making lifelong relationships AND money. With a mix of wisdom, character and humor, June shares the keys to becoming a professional real estate agent..”

~ Paul Keuhner, CEO

June Rosenthal

From early on, June was exposed to “leading”rather than “following.” At 6 she was a self-appointed guide to a Native American site in the woods back of her family home. At 10 she was arranging weekend hikes to different destinations for 8 or 10 of her school chums.  At 15 she was in charge of many school functions and was captain of several athletic teams. At 21 she was working for Vogue magazine.

Her parents raised her to nurture her own soul and decide what was best for herself.  These decisions enabled her to have confidence in whatever she undertook.  They also gave her an acute awareness of what she might be able to accomplish.

Mothers and Fathers have a giant responsibility to set their children on the right path to becoming a confident, caring adult.   We owe them our sincere thanks.

More about the author…

“Here is the ultimate real estate broker who always responded to the demands and desires of her clients.”

~ Jay S., Connecticut

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