About the Author

June Rosenthal…
What a life she has lived and still going strong at 97…

Wife and mother, civic leader, and real estate sales woman extraordinaire. A trailblazer from early on, she identified herself with a “quiet power” that brought her success in her private life as well as in her business ventures.

Her extensive travels and achievements have been the touchstones of her high- energy life. Her passion for real estate was evident from the day she started in 1970 at age 45.

Helping and guiding people In one of the most important decisions in their lifetime was hugely gratifying to her. She was President of her own highly successful boutique real estate company for 25 years. She put her heart and soul Into this endeavor and was rewarded with being “friends forever“ with so many.

The monetary rewards were exciting and plentiful, but being trusted by hundreds of customers/clients was the real privilege and joy!

Lots of true stories and valuable lessons on the pages of this little book

“Watching June do her homework, listen and learn about the people on all sides of the transaction, and having everyone trust and respect her is watching a true artist at work.”

Rick R., Connecticut