Sample Chapter

Too Much Gossip!

This lovely spring day, I received a call from a waterfront owner who was interviewing agents eager to list his exquisite and expensive home. I arrived, and both he and his wife offered me coffee on the pool terrace overlooking the water and the New York City skyline. It was a truly breathtaking view—and I really wanted to list this property for sale.

The husband took me on the grand tour—and I was getting more and more intrigued. I told him I would be back in a few days with my full presentation, including the suggested asking and selling price. I did that and they seemed to be impressed.

He told me he had three other agents giving him their price and strategies—and he would let me know. He called in about a week and asked me to meet with him again. I was really excited, as I liked him and his wife as much as I liked the property. He told me the listing was mine! And then, he asked if I wanted to know why he chose me? Of course, I said, “yes,” and this was his answer.

He had told them, as he had me, who he was interviewing. The others were large, national agencies and mine was small—only 14 agents. He said all their time was spent finding fault with my small boutique company and he decided I must be really excellent to have every one of them disparaging my name. He also loved the word “boutique” for his home. He decided I must be the best broker to get all that adverse attention.

There’s a lesson here: Don’t discuss competitors. Do your own thing in an honest, personable way with plenty of pertinent facts about the marketplace and your very own marketing strategy. Finding fault with competitors does not put you in the best light.

Published with permission, June Rosenthal

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